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There are many dentists in Omaha to choose from, why choose Steven Maurstad?

The answer is simple.  Dr. Maurstad is not simply going to clean and examine your teeth and mouth; yes, he does the cleaning and exams, not a dental assistant. He will make sure whatever he does will not just treat a symptom, he takes care of the problem.

Dr. Maurstad discovers the underlying causes, if any, are also addressed. Sure sometimes that may seem like just fixing a cracked tooth, but he will discover what actually caused the tooth to crack.

He charts the entire process, show you what progress you have been making and encourage you to continue in good dental hygiene.

You might say this is “Old Fashioned” a dentist that treats his patients like people first, taking time to perform a complete examination and fully explain what he has found.

He educates, because he knows he may only see you for 30 minutes twice a year.  Dr., Maurstad wants you to know how to best care for your own smile in between visits.

Check out what makes Dr. Steven Maurstad Different and Better than perhaps any other Dentist in Omaha

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